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Posted: September 17, 2015

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Oakland Unified School District Selects TeachBoost as Its Observation and Coaching Platform

Instructional leadership software to be used district-wide for teacher and administrator growth and development.

New York, NY—TeachBoost today announced a partnership with California's Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) to provide its instructional leadership platform to all educators district-wide.

TeachBoost's suite of observation, coaching, and professional growth tools integrate districts' educator effectiveness processes, practices, and rubrics to streamline the work, shorten the feedback cycle, and enable job-embedded professional development.

OUSD will use TeachBoost to implement, manage, and gauge the effectiveness of its educator growth and development systems. These systems, developed by and for Oakland’s teachers and leaders, comprise formal and informal observations, formative walkthroughs, instructional coaching, personalized goal-setting, evidence and artifact portfolios, principal supervision, and peer mentorship.

"Developing and nurturing highly effective educators requires instructional leaders to give and receive feedback that is timely, individualized, and actionable," says TeachBoost CEO Jason DeRoner. "In the past that's been difficult to scale. Districts are hungry for powerful solutions that address the challenges of deploying, managing, and measuring the success of an observation and coaching system. TeachBoost's partnership with OUSD reflects our joint commitment to eliminating the barriers that stand in the way of providing all educators with meaningful feedback that matters."

In making their decision, OUSD's leadership team prioritized ease-of-use, transparency, and alignment with vision. "It was critical for us to find a tool that offered an intuitive and accessible user experience," says Tamara Arroyo, OUSD's Director of Educator Effectiveness. "We wanted to make sure that the technology didn't detract from our primary objectives: to support our teachers and leaders, improve instructional practices, and increase student achievement."

"Every educator plays the role of an instructional leader, whether it's a mentor offering instructional coaching, a district supervisor observing a school principal, or a teacher giving feedback to a peer," adds DeRoner. "We are excited to be a vital part of OUSD's plan for developing and nurturing great instructional leaders, because that work impacts everyone, from the Superintendent to the students, in a powerful and positive way."

About Oakland Unified School District: Oakland Unified School District comprises more than 36,000 students across 85 campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its 2,200+ educators focus on high academic achievement while serving the whole student, eliminating inequity, and providing each child with excellent teachers, every day. Learn more at ousd.org.

About TeachBoost: TeachBoost provides a customizable, best-in-class instructional leadership platform that empowers instructional leaders to develop their team to its greatest potential. In districts and school systems around the world, TeachBoost’s observation, coaching, and professional development tools streamline evaluations and formative feedback to save time, shorten the feedback loop, and support educators according to their unique needs. Learn more at teachboost.com.

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