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Posted: August 8, 2014

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According to Administrators, TeachBoost Saves Principals Time and Leads to More Frequent and Meaningful Teacher Observations

School Leaders Save Half Day Per Week on Observations and Provide Better Coaching for Their Staff

Brooklyn, NY, August 8, 2014—TeachBoost—the provider of a teacher effectiveness platform that makes it easy to use the observation process to personalize professional development—today revealed the results of an April 2014 analysis by leading global strategy consulting firm Stax Inc. that measured the impact of TeachBoost on teacher observations and professional development practices.

The study quantified the amount of time that TeachBoost saves school leaders. It further confirmed that TeachBoost facilitates more frequent and meaningful observations, and enables better use of the information gathered from observations for coaching and decision-making.

In conducting this study, Stax sought input from TeachBoost's user base on time and money savings, engagement levels, and shifts in educator practices since adopting the software. More than 200 administrators and teachers from district and charter schools across the country participated in the study. Stax found that adoption of TeachBoost is expected to grow, as it is seen as a valuable tool that improves teacher quality.

Key findings include:

"With changing compliance requirements keeping educators on their toes, we're excited that TeachBoost's schools and districts are able to get into more classrooms and provide higher-quality feedback to their teachers in less time," said TeachBoost CEO Jason DeRoner. "Educators are hungry for simple tools that help them connect the dots between observations, personalized professional development, and instructional improvement. This study confirms that we’re building tools that help solve a real problem.”

Rafi Musher, CEO of Stax, said, "Consistent with Stax's work in education, there are considerable opportunities for technology to help educators, and we often find that usage and satisfaction increase over time." Paul Edwards, who leads Stax's ed-tech work, said, "We see clear adoption patterns emerge based on flexibility in procurement at the school level versus district level, the local drive to measure improved outcomes, and the budget cycle."

TeachBoost is using this research to inform their product development and customer engagement roadmaps. DeRoner added, "Teacher quality directly affects student success, so we're doing everything we can to support educator growth and elevate the teaching profession."

About TeachBoost: TeachBoost is a teacher effectiveness platform that helps school and district leaders streamline the observation process, differentiate professional development, and scale great teaching practices so that every classroom has a great educator. Learn more at teachboost.com.

About STAX: Stax is a global strategy consulting firm that provides leading corporations and private equity firms—including those focused on the education and technology sectors—with clear, actionable, data-driven strategic advice. Stax helps clients uncover data-driven insights to grow profits, decide how and where to expand and invest, and best allocate resources. Learn more at stax.com.


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