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Create sustainable mentorship and coaching programs.

The coaching relationship is vital to fostering great teachers and instructional leaders. TeachBoost’s tools facilitate goal-setting, action planning, and
professional growth conversations throughout the year.

Unprecedented flexibility around forms, rubrics, and resources.

Streamlined, sustainable coaching and mentorship tools.

Actionable reports that drive peer engagement and instructional improvement.

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Customize coaching engagements to suit the needs of every educator.

TeachBoost’s flexible, framework-agnostic coaching tool incorporates the processes and practices
that are already working in your schools, personalizing your experience and ensuring a
seamless transition to the platform.

Incorporate specialized coaching forms and multiple rubrics.

Set coaching goals and enable reminder notifications for easy progress tracking.

Upload coaching resources to the TeachBoost Library.

Personalize privacy settings to protect the relationship and encourage authentic discussions.

Develop streamlined, sustainable coaching and mentorship programs.

Eliminate paperwork, simplify scheduling, and enhance discussions with TeachBoost’s coaching tools.

Allow one coach to support many schools.

Give coaches visibility into the goals, action plans, and observation history of the teachers they support.

Offer teachers a single user experience for both coaching and evaluations.

Take advantage of conveniences like automated time-stamping, a shared calendar, and real-time sharing.

Embed professional growth resources from the Library quickly and easily.

Coordinate efforts to improve teacher performance with actionable
reports and data visualizations.

Educators receive feedback in a variety of ways, and from many people: principals, peers, coaches, training programs, etc. TeachBoost brings together feedback and support from all sources, enabling coaches to make focused, data-driven decisions.

View aggregated data at an individual level or across your caseload.

Design action plans to support professional goals, and monitor progress over time.

Offer relevant, goal-related resources from the TeachBoost Library.

Create groups to foster collaboration through peer and mentor networks.

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