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Manage every step of your observation process.

TeachBoost's observation tools make it easy for administrators to meet evaluation requirements, leverage data to personalize professional development, and
support educators in improving their practice.

Unprecedented customization for your forms, rubrics, and cycles

Single interface to schedule and conduct observations

Accountability via transparency
and high-quality feedback

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Customize rubrics, forms, and observation cycles to fit your needs.

TeachBoost’s flexible, framework-agnostic observation tool incorporates the processes and practices that are already working in your schools, personalizing your experience and ensuring a seamless transition to the platform at the same time.

Add any framework or rubric to the system, along with competencies, indicators, and performance levels.

Set observation cycles and enable reminder notifications for easy progress tracking.

Individualize observation targets and view reports tracking progress.

Easily roll out changes made at the program, school, or district level.

Personalize privacy settings for sharing upcoming visits, observation notes, and next steps with teachers and administrators.

Streamline the observation process and save one half-day per week.

TeachBoost eliminates the busywork associated with the observation process, allowing more time for feedback and support. Automated features like time-stamping, real-time sharing, and observation cycle tracking keep the focus on authentic support.

Prioritize your workload and meet observation targets with a shared, in-app calendar.

Conduct formal evaluations and informal observations using Sketch.

Reference rubric, competency, and indicator information during an observation so that the focus remains on the teacher.

Upload video, images, and documents and provide ratings and feedback.

View and add feedback around teachers’ professional learning goals and out-standing next steps.

Email observation reports and relevant, rubric-aligned resources to teachers with one click.

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Review our best practices around scheduling. Read more about a teacher’s experience of TeachBoost

Make informed decisions about professional development.

TeachBoost’s robust reporting and data visualization tools help educators target and personalize professional development activities. Our suite of Insight reports offers aggregate, summary, and individual reporting on observations, professional goals, and performance over time in an easy-to-read and use format.

Track the development of a single school or educator, or zoom out to view district-wide trends.

Reach evaluation targets and complete observation cycles by tracking completion rates.

Assess teacher strengths and areas for growth, as well as progress over time.

View aggregated data at an individual, group, school, or district level.

Filter data by any metric, including standard, rating, observer, demographic, and date.

Monitor progress on all Next Steps and Action plans for all teachers and all goals.

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