Measure the impact of your coaching program

The best student outcomes are achieved when educators are fully supported. That’s why we created TeachBoost Coach – a collaborative, easy-to-use coaching tool that supports the learning and development of classroom teachers.

TeachBoost Coach gives a clear, complete picture of how coaching improves teaching and learning so that every one of your students can experience the highest quality instruction.

Continuous learning

Create a culture of continuous learning that delivers high-quality, equitable instruction to students.

Data-driven decisions

Access multi-level reports to make more confident and proactive decisions about your coaching program.

Student outcomes

Reflect on and share the impact of coaching on student outcomes while maximizing your PD investments.

Research shows that instructional coaching is the single best strategy to improve teacher practice.

District leaders often don't have easy access to the data and stories that show how instructional coaching works.

Many coaches can't easily track, report, and share information about how they spend their time.

Without the right systems in place, coaches are often left to cobble together their own ways to organize and share their work.

The result?

Most districts don't have a clear, holistic picture of the impact of coaching.

What research tells us about the impact of coaching

TeachBoost Coach gives leaders, coaches, and teachers a streamlined way to reflect on and share the impact of coaching.

See the time, effort, and impact of your coaching program

TeachBoost Coach provides real-time reports that gather, analyze, and share data.

  • Leaders can see how adult learning activities align with strategic and professional development priorities through real-time data and stories.
  • Both leaders and coaches have access to multi-level reporting for a birds-eye view of coaching-cycle activities and efficacy.
  • Coaches are able to collect coaching activity, track time, and share data more easily and efficiently.
  • Teachers can track their progress against professional goals and key initiatives over time.
  • View a sample district Coaching Report and Aggregated Coaching Log

Strengthen relationships

TeachBoost Coach helps coaches build strong and confidential working relationships that support the learning and development of classroom teachers.

  • Capture ongoing rich data about relationship-building and coaching-cycle activities.
  • Build teacher capacity by creating more opportunities for personalized coaching.
  • Give coaches and teachers an easy-to-use, collaborative platform for communication.
  • Leverage bright spots and challenge areas to continually improve coaching relationships and your overall coaching program.

Connect everything to achieve anything

TeachBoost Coach seamlessly tracks coaching and learning activities in one place.

  • Communicate efficiently and effectively using calendar invites, classroom visit notes and evidence, action steps, notes, and resources.
  • Collect coaching activity, track time, and share data more easily and efficiently.
  • Leverage the iOS and Android companion app to easily capture photos, videos, and meeting notes.

Don't just take our word for it

"District leaders need TeachBoost Coach to help protect and advocate for their coaching program."

—Brandon White, Assistant Superintendent of Academics, South Bend Community School Corporation, Indiana

Ready to learn more?

Districts across the country are using TeachBoost Coach to power their coaching programs—building teacher capacity and ultimately improving student outcomes.