Supercharge your instructional coaching

Say goodbye to coaching logs and disorganized documents. Build better processes and stronger relationships with TeachBoost—the first app designed for instructional coaches.

Improved organization

View all of your observations, goals, feedback, notes, action steps, and resources in one place.

Greater transparency

Highlight coaching work and successes, and quickly show how it aligns with school and district goals.

Stronger relationships & results

Share evidence, feedback, and resources privately with teachers and stay focused on improving results for students.

TeachBoost Coach keeps you organized and focused on results

Whether you’re an experienced coach or just beginning your journey, TeachBoost Coach streamlines your efforts and brings together everything you and your teachers do.

Stay organized on the go

Consolidate your coaching work in one place for you and your teachers. TeachBoost Coach allows you to store everything you need in one place—from calendar invites, classroom visit notes and evidence, action steps, notes, and resources.

Our iOS and Android companion app lets you easily capture photos, videos, and meeting notes without a bulky device getting in your way.

Get TeachBoost Coach in your pocket!

Our mobile app for iOS and Android lets you easily capture photos, videos, and meeting notes wherever you are and without a bulky device getting in your way.

Manage your team on the go, record meeting notes in the moment, and quickly integrate your existing calendars, Google and Microsoft accounts, and other web resources.

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Share reports with your leadership team instantly

TeachBoost Coach generates coaching logs for your principal or administrators that protect teacher confidentiality.

Break down how you're spending your time, who you're working with, and your most frequent coaching moves. Reports highlight your coaching work and show alignment to school and district goals.

Don't just take our word for it

Hundred’s of coaches across the country use TeachBoost Coach to better communicate with their teachers, make their job more visible, and use the data they collect to validate their impact to the district.

Learn more about their use case and how they staged their rollout to ensure its effectiveness and get teacher buy-in at the same time.

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