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Brand Assets and Usage Guidelines




Learn about our guidelines and policies on using TeachBoost's name, brand, logos, and trademarks on your website or print materials—feel free to use our assets and descriptions here in full or to make your own!

Media Kit

What is TeachBoost?

When describing the TeachBoost platform in an article or email, please use this ready-to-go description:

TeachBoost is a cloud-based evaluation and feedback platform designed to help schools identify and nurture great educators. By integrating observation, coaching, and professional development and analysis tools, we help foster an ongoing dialogue between teachers and administrators, creating opportunities for meaningful interactions that result in successful, sustainable improvements in teaching and learning. At the district level, TeachBoost offers real-time, comprehensive insight into the quality of instruction and educator development across schools.

Who Uses TeachBoost?

TeachBoost is used in 18 states and 5 countries. A couple of our flagship implementations include the NYC Department of Education and KIPP Charter Schools. TeachBoost is "framework-agnostic" and we power schools and districts with many different (and multiple) frameworks for teacher evaluation.

Our Name

TeachBoost is always one word and is spelled with a capital "T" and "B"; the only exception to the capitalization is when writing our domain name: teachboost.com.

Our Tagline

A Great Teacher for Every ClassroomTM


Logo Pallete

The TeachBoost home colors are Garnet (#af362b ) and Gray (#aaa ) along with Castlerock (#383838 ) for the logotype and as an accent where appropriate. White (#fff ) is the preferred background color to create a large amount of negative space for these colors to sit, but Castlerock may be used where tasteful. The logomark uses Garnet for the bookmark and Beryl (#8c2b22 ) for the accent bar at the top.

hex: #af362b
hsl(4,60,42), rgb(175,54,43)
hex: #383838
hsl(0,0,21), rgb(56,56,56)
hex: #8c2b22
hsl(4,60,42), rgb(175,54,43)
hex: #aaa
hsl(0,0,66), rgb(170,170,170)

Application Pallete

We have a number of colors we use throughout the TeachBoost application; these can also be used as accent colors when necessary or when creating screenshots and other approved marketing materials. You may darken these by 20% to provide borders or overlays on them.

hex: #007db6
hsl(198,100,35), rgb(0,125,182)
hex: #b94f3c
hsl(9,51,48), rgb(185,79,60)
hex: #2ba02b
hsl(120,57,39), rgb(43,160,43)
hex: #ab51c4
hsl(286,49,54), rgb(171,81,196)
hex: #d1712d
hsl(24,64,49), rgb(209,113,45)
hex: #359fa3
hsl(182,50,42), rgb(53,159,163)
hex: #d6a70e
hsl(45,87,44), rgb(214,167,14)
hex: #484848
hsl(0,0,28), rgb(72,72,72)
hex: #787878
hsl(0,0,47), rgb(120,120,120)
hex: #a8a8a8
hsl(0,0,65), rgb(168,168,168)


We use two font families in our brand and application: Signika is used in our logo and for headings/headers and Lucida Grande is used for all regular copy, body content, and plain text. Other font families in each of these stacks are provided below if these are unavailable, however our logo must always use Signika.


For headings, TeachBoost uses the following fonts in order of priority: Signika, Trebuchet MS, Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, and Helvetica Neue. Again, the logo must be set in Signika.

Download at Google Fonts
SIL Open Font License, 1.1

Lucida Grande

For application and marketing text, TeachBoost use the following fonts in order of priorty: Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans, Geneva, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, and Arial.

Lucida Grande
© Bigelow & Holmes, Inc.

Lucida Grande is part of the Lucida font family and comes with the Mac OSX operating system. Lucida Sans closely resembles Lucida Grande and is available on other platforms. Please ensure you have the appropriate licenses before using these fonts.

TeachBoost Logo and Mark

Our logo is the most visible component of the TeachBoost brand. Please follow the design requirements included with each file download carefully when applying our logo to websites, blogs, marketing and advertising materials, presentations, etc., both in print and electronic.

Primary Logo

The TeachBoost logo is made up of the rocketship bookmark—our "logomark"—and the "logotype" set in Signika. The rocketship logomark has a 5:7 aspect ratio (the standard size is 30px wide and 42px high) and the logotype uses 28px/22pt Signika in normal weight.

Please help yourself to the following pre-rendered logos for different backgrounds. We recommend using the transparent version in most cases.

Light backgrounds (transparent)
PNG / Vector (.eps)
Dark backgrounds (transparent)
PNG / Vector (.eps)
White backgrounds (not transparent)
PNG / Vector (.eps)
Alternate color version
PNG / Vector (.eps)


The TeachBoost logomark is a white rocketship on a Garnet bookmark. It uses three colors—White (#fff ), Garnet (#af362b ), and Beryl (#8c2b22 ).

Please help yourself to our pre-rendered versions below. Always maintain it's aspect ratio (5:7) if making your own version or sizes though.

Don't rotate the bookmark or use any other words next to it other than TeachBoost, in Signika. Please feel free to experiment with colors that we've defined above however, we like color!

Brand and Trademark Usage Policies

This policy explains how you may use TeachBoost's logos, trademarks, and other brand assets, as well as how you may reference TeachBoost and our products and services in text and pictures.

You may use our brand assets in accordance with the rules below. If you wish to use any brand asset in a manner not provided for or authorized by this policy, please contact us and we'll work with you. If you already have an agreement with TeachBoost covering the use of our brand assets, you do not need to submit a request for the rights you already have under that agreement.

This policy is composed of the Usage Rules below and the Design Requirements above (which detail how you must visually present our brand assets). Copies of our brand assets can be downloaded from this page.

Usage Rules

You may use our brand assets for non-commercial purposes, including in connection with academic research. For commercial uses, such as including our brand assets in a product for sale, please request our permission. We may require you to stop using our brand assets if we believe that your use falls outside these rules or the scope of any permission we give you.

Do's and Don'ts

Please abide by the following additional guidelines:


If your screenshots of the TeachBoost platform or application screens/elements contain the personal information of third parties, you may need to get the written consent of the relevant third parties before publication is permitted. You may not display ad copy on screenshots of TeachBoost.


We don't permit the use of our brand assets on physical goods. If you'd like some TeachBoost merchandise, please contact us and we'd be glad to hook you up!


Where appropriate, include an attribution statement in your trademark and copyright notices when using our trademarks. TeachBoost's trademarks (such as TeachBoost, the "A Great Teacher for Every Classroom" tagline, and any logo versions of those marks) are owned by Schoolbinder, Inc. and its affiliates and/or subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.